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Title: Running Her Own Race: Alexis's Journey to Personal Victory

Date: November 13, 2023

Introduction: This weekend, I witnessed a wonderful display of determination and self-improvement. My daughter, Alexis, a spirited 9-year-old and 4th grader at Iliahi, participated in a cross country meet at Schofield. The event was not just a competition but a lesson in personal growth and perseverance.

The Eventful Meet: The cross country meet was as lively as you'd expect with spirited children and equally enthusiastic parents. A humorous moment was when we parents got a gentle scolding for encroaching on the track in our eagerness to capture every stride and triumph of our little champions. Yes, we're 'that' enthusiastic bunch!

Alexis's Unique Approach: What truly stood out was Alexis's approach. She wasn't just running; she was on a mission to outdo herself. Every day after practice, she would jot down her times and goals on our refrigerator, a testament to her dedication. Her focus wasn't on outpacing others but on beating her own scores, step by step, day by day.

The Reward of Persistence: Her commitment paid off handsomely. Among the 12 members of her team, she was the only one to place, securing a proud third. This achievement wasn't just about speed; it was about setting personal benchmarks and surpassing them, embodying the true spirit of personal achievement.

Lessons from Lexi: Alexis teaches us a valuable lesson: improvement, no matter how small, is a victory. Her journey is a reminder that success isn't just about being the best among others, but about being the best version of oneself. In life, as in cross country, the race is truly against our own limitations.

Conclusion: As a mother and a professional, watching Alexis's journey is both inspiring and grounding. It's a reminder to all of us at CENTRAL HEALTH and beyond to focus on self-improvement and to celebrate every milestone, big or small.

Authored by Dr. Nora Phillips, DNP, APRN, Medical Director, CENTRAL HEALTH

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