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Title: A Unique Experience: Turning Patient for a Day

Date: October 20, 2024

Introduction: Every once in a while, a professional experience doubles as a personal adventure. My recent visit to the Honolulu Med Spa was just that - a wonderful journey (pun intended) into the world of medical aesthetics, not just as a practitioner but also as a patient.

Jumping into the Chair: The opportunity presented itself during a training session at the spa. When an extra spot for a model opened up, I seized the moment and hopped into the chair for a little chin augmentation. The procedure went smoothly, and I was thrilled with the results - a subtle yet significant enhancement to my profile.

The Unexpected Bruise: However, upon returning home, my baby noticed something I hadn't - a small bruise under my chin. It's a common side effect, but seeing it through the eyes of a patient was a different experience. I reached out to a few colleagues to assess the bruise, and indeed, it was just that - a harmless, if unsightly, bruise.

A Novel Approach with Hylanex: One of my colleagues suggested an innovative use of Hylanex, not for dissolving the filler, but for addressing the bruise. Hylanex, typically used to reverse the effects of hyaluronic acid-based fillers, hadn't been on my radar as a bruise treatment. We decided to give it a try, using serial injections of tiny amounts. To my surprise, the Hylanex seemed to break up the bruise effectively.

Being a Patient and a Practitioner: This experience was eye-opening. For the first time, I found myself on the other side of the needle, using a filler dissolver. The bruise was located below the site of the filler injection, so thankfully, it didn't affect the augmentation, which I wanted to keep. It was a unique moment of learning and empathy, understanding the patient's perspective more deeply.

Conclusion: This journey was not just about aesthetic enhancement but also about understanding and exploring new uses for familiar tools. It's a reminder that in the field of medical aesthetics, there's always something new to learn, and sometimes, the best lessons come from being in the patient's chair.

Looking Forward: As a professional committed to staying on the cutting edge of medical aesthetics, this experience will certainly enrich the care I provide at CENTRAL HEALTH. If you're curious about aesthetic treatments or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us for a consultation.

Authored by Dr. Nora Phillips, DNP, APRN, Medical Director, CENTRAL HEALTH

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