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Reflecting on a Successful NP Week at Central Health Hawaii: Empowering Our Nurse Practitioners

As we wrap up an inspiring National Nurse Practitioner Week at CENTRAL HEALTH Hawaii, it's time to reflect on the significant contributions of our Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and the progressive policies that enable them to excel in their roles.

Hawaii's Nurse Practice Act and Full Practice Regulatory Structure have been instrumental in empowering NPs. The state's practice and licensure laws, as outlined in HRS § 457-1 and HAR § 16-89-2, authorize NPs to evaluate, diagnose, prescribe medications, and implement therapeutic measures, showcasing the autonomy and trust placed in their professional judgment.

The Board of Nursing (BON), as per HRS § 457-3, diligently oversees NP licensure, ensuring that practitioners meet the high standards required for patient care. This includes maintaining an RN license, earning a graduate degree in an NP role, and achieving national certification, as mandated by HRS § 457-8.5.

Continuing Education is a cornerstone of maintaining excellence in nursing practice. With a requirement of thirty contact hours every two years (HAR § 16-89-123), our NPs stay abreast of the latest developments and best practices in healthcare.

Hawaii's recognition of NPs as medical staff in hospitals and facilities, as stated in HRS § 323-3, and as primary care providers, further emphasizes their critical role in our healthcare system. This acknowledgment extends to signature recognition on various terms of patient care, including referrals to physical therapy (HRS § 457-8.6), disability parking permits (HRS § 291-51), Do Not Resuscitate orders (HRS § 457-8.8 & HRS § 327K-1), signing death certificates (HRS § 338-9), and Provider Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) forms (HRS § 327K-1).

As we conclude this year's NP Week, we at CENTRAL HEALTH Hawaii are proud of our NPs who embody excellence, dedication, and compassion. They play a pivotal role in providing quality healthcare and are a testament to the strength of Hawaii's healthcare system.

Let's continue to support and celebrate the remarkable work of our Nurse Practitioners, not just during NP Week but throughout the year. Their contributions are invaluable to our community's health and well-being.


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