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"Fun Facts with Aria" - Celebrating One Year of Passion and Learning

April 16, 2022

Today, we at CENTRAL HEALTH are celebrating a special milestone: the one-year anniversary of "Fun Facts with Aria." This project, initiated by Aria Phillips, my daughter, has been a beautiful journey of personal growth, passion for science, and the simple joy of sharing knowledge.

The Personal Journey of Aria

A year ago, Aria started "Fun Facts with Aria" as a way to connect with her interest in science and to become more involved with our family business. At just 9 years old, her enthusiasm for learning and sharing her discoveries was the seed from which this project grew. Each video, reaching around 700 views, reflects her growing confidence and her love for what she does.

Modest Reach, Significant Impact

While "Fun Facts with Aria" might not have a vast audience, with about 1400 followers on Instagram, its value lies in the joy and engagement it brings to Aria and those who tune in. We are grateful for every view, like, and follow, as they represent someone who has taken a moment to share in Aria's journey and her passion for science.

A Focus on Passion and Confidence

The core of "Fun Facts with Aria" is not about gaining followers or widespread recognition. It's about supporting Aria in her pursuit of knowledge and her growing confidence. It's about nurturing her natural curiosity and helping her find her voice within the realms of science and education.

Looking Forward with Excitement

As we look ahead, our focus remains on encouraging Aria's love for science and her involvement in the business. We hope to continue this wonderful project, supporting her as she explores new topics and shares them in her unique way.

A Thank You to Our Supporters

We want to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who has supported "Fun Facts with Aria" over the past year. Your encouragement means the world to Aria and to us.

Please join us in celebrating this one-year milestone of "Fun Facts with Aria." We look forward to another year of exploration, learning, and growth with Aria and our wonderful community.

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