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Embarking on a New Chapter: My Upcoming MHA Journey

Date: Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Today marks a significant milestone in my professional journey as I prepare to embark on the Master of Health Administration (MHA) program at the University of Phoenix. After completing my Master's in Anatomy and Physiology, a pivotal conversation with my mentor, Dr. Foey, has guided me towards this new path. His insights about the importance of understanding the business aspects of healthcare, alongside medical expertise, resonated deeply with me.

Dr. Foey's story of his early struggles in managing his medical practice due to a lack of business acumen was an eye-opener. He emphasized that knowing how to be a great doctor wasn't enough; understanding the intricacies of running a healthcare organization was equally crucial. This revelation prompted me to pursue an MHA, aiming to bridge my medical knowledge with essential business skills.

The University of Phoenix's MHA program is a comprehensive curriculum designed for aspiring healthcare professionals like myself. It offers an array of courses that are integral to mastering the business side of healthcare. I am particularly excited about courses such as 'Health Care Organizations and Delivery Systems', 'Health Information Systems', and 'Managing in Today's Health Care Organizations'. These courses promise to provide a strong foundation in healthcare management.

Additionally, I will delve into 'Health Law and Ethics', 'Health Care Policy', and 'Health Care Economics', enriching my understanding of the legal, policy, and economic aspects of healthcare. I anticipate that 'Financial Management in Health Care' and 'Measuring Performance Standards' will equip me with the necessary skills to effectively manage healthcare finances and assess organizational performance.

The program also includes specialized courses like 'Microbiology', 'Health Care Research', 'Contemporary Health Care Facility Design', and 'Entrepreneurship in Healthcare'. These will undoubtedly broaden my perspective on various facets of healthcare.

One of the courses I am particularly looking forward to is 'Leadership', where I aim to develop my skills in guiding teams and making strategic decisions. The 'Strategic Management' and 'Marketing' courses are also on my radar, as they are crucial for understanding how to position a healthcare organization in the competitive market.

As I stand on the brink of this new educational adventure, I am filled with anticipation and eagerness to immerse myself in this learning experience. I am confident that the MHA program will not only enhance my knowledge and skills but also empower me to make a substantial impact in the healthcare field.

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