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Discover Your Fitzpatrick Skin Type: Fun Questionnaire

Determining your Fitzpatrick Skin Type can help you understand how your skin reacts to sun exposure and tailor laser treatments for optimal results. Answer the following questions to find out your skin type!


  1. What is your natural eye color?

  • A) Light blue, gray, or green

  • B) Blue, gray, or green

  • C) Blue or brown

  • D) Dark brown

  • E) Brownish black

  1. What is your natural hair color?

  • A) Red or light blonde

  • B) Blonde

  • C) Dark blonde or light brown

  • D) Dark brown

  • E) Black

  1. What is the color of your unexposed skin?

  • A) Pale white

  • B) Fair

  • C) Beige with golden undertones

  • D) Light brown

  • E) Dark brown

  1. How does your skin respond to sun exposure?

  • A) Always burns, never tans

  • B) Burns easily, tans minimally

  • C) Burns moderately, tans gradually

  • D) Rarely burns, tans easily

  • E) Never burns, always tans darkly

  1. How often do you tan after repeated sun exposure?

  • A) Never

  • B) Seldom

  • C) Sometimes

  • D) Often

  • E) Always

  1. How does your face react to the sun?

  • A) Very sensitive

  • B) Sensitive

  • C) Normal

  • D) Resistant

  • E) Very resistant


  • Mostly A's: Type I - Very fair skin, always burns, never tans.

  • Mostly B's: Type II - Fair skin, usually burns, tans minimally.

  • Mostly C's: Type III - Medium skin, sometimes burns, gradually tans.

  • Mostly D's: Type IV - Olive skin, rarely burns, tans easily.

  • Mostly E's: Type V/VI - Brown to dark brown/black skin, very rarely or never burns, tans very easily.

Understanding Your Results

At Central Health, knowing your Fitzpatrick Skin Type helps us customize laser treatments like the Soprano Titanium for hair removal and ClearLift Pro for skin rejuvenation to ensure safety and effectiveness for all skin tones. Book a consultation to learn more about how our advanced laser treatments can benefit your unique skin type!

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